The Benefits of Hiring an Events Planner

One question we get asked all of the time, why should I hire you as a planner? Why do I need a planner? We are strongly equipped to tell you exactly why and we hope we can shine some light on it for you. 1. Event Planners do the hard work…

The glory of hiring a planner is to have them do all of the little bits and bobs that you just cannot face doing. Planners are here to do the boring tasks you can’t manage and alleviate the stress of minutia tasks and they are sure to deliver on time, to budget and to impress. Planners are focused on the task in hand and will be solely dedicated to pleasing you and creating a project that delivers to your expectations – any task whether small or complicated is what you are hiring them to do so no need to worry about delegation, go ahead!

2. You simply do not have the time... Let’s be honest, you’ve hired a planner because you are just toooooooooo busy. Our lives are whirlwind of tubes, meetings, eating, friends, family and networking (somehow we also have to fit in that fitness regime we’ve been attempting to start since the clock struck 12 for 2016) and as for planning an event, the time it takes to design, plan, implement and manage why would you do that when you can pay someone to use their own time to you advantage. On average, a wedding for 100 guests can take anything from 80 – 250 hours of planning time to execute – wow!!!!! You are buying the planner’s time, so use it and use it well. Then use yours to get that well-earned manicure or grab a pint with your lads. 3. The know-how you don’t know… Your planner will have their own book of suppliers, lists, databases, friends, connections and contacts that they use to piece together your event puzzle. You are hiring the planner to use and implement this book and it will be used to make your project the event you expect it to be. Planners take pride in their lists because they are tried and tested, experienced, trustworthy knowledgeable and professional to work with – what more can you ask for? They make your event a tad bit easier to piece together and will make your wedding or party well-tuned. One other perk is that they are more likely to offer a good price to your planner for all of the work they bring to them, WINNER! Take advantage of that book which is filled to the brim with names, numbers and talents – because surely someone will need a tortoise-fire-breathing act at some point?!

4. Venues know best. Don’t they? Every venue will tell you what is GREAT about themselves – the natural daylight, the delicious food, a terrace for Pimms and Prosecco on arrival, the smiling staff waiting on you hand and foot – perhaps even the plethora of event coordinators they have in-house. Who needs a planner right? External planners love to work with venues in order to help clients to understand the costs, the planning and the decision making process. Planners are able to strike long-standing understandings on your behalf to not only protect your budget but to ensure that 110% is given to your special day. Private Dining London loves working with London venues and restaurants who we speak to on a daily basis to create a happy medium that works for both sides to ensure that your event works for the venue and for you.

5. Specialisation Are you looking for a pharmaceutical conference planner, team building event manager, wedding planner, event designer, a Welsh speaker planner, Spanish hen party planner or a private dining room with the largest aquatics tank in Europe? Well, your luck is in – there is ALWAYS a planner that specialises in what you are looking for. If it looks like you’ve found a planner that does something similar to what you are looking for, ask. Every planner is flexible and will have probably heard your request before, no need for embarrassment here! We love to specialise in Private Dining Room and Full Events Planning and more specifically, in London. If you are looking for a London venue specialist, we’re your guys. If you are looking for a Private Dining Room, we’re your guys. If you are looking to have a wedding vow renewal in a London venue, we’re also your guys. We’ve done it all, just ask…


Planners are your friends, you’ve paid for their services so use them and use them well. Brief them fully so that they understand your aims, budgets and working methods. This way, you can let them free to go and work their magic. Meet regularly, consult often and find a wedding planner, events planner, venue finder or events professional that works for YOU.

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