Creating Healthy #eventprofs Relationships with Venues!

May 13, 2016


In order to create happy, healthy and mutually understanding relationships between event planners and venues we thought we would collect together our top tips to working harmony. This working harmony is key to creating streamline, impressive and "feel-good" events for guests and organisers - everyone becomes a winner right?!


1. Move as quickly as possible


Time is essential to securing the most in-demand venue, suppliers and date for clients and keeping venues happy.

Planners should move quickly to understand the client's requirements in order to move fast on the first need - venue finding! Enquire with the venues in order to provide a number of options and to give venues a good amount of time to provide for your requests and to help accommodate. 

Pass your proposal to the client and provide an answer to the venue as soon as possible. At Private Dining London we work to a target of providing answers within 3 working days. This way the venue has a fair amount of time to resell the space should they not be chosen. If chosen, they're the lucky ones and you can get that venue secured for your client, happy days!


2. READ! 


This seems like a simple point to cover but it is extremely important that as a planner you spend some time reading all information sent to you by the venue including menus, minimum spends, hire rates, capacities, timings, booking terms and timings requested. If you don't know a vital piece of information quickly call the venue to confirm. If it is something simple, take a quick look on the website because answers can usually be found on there. Read, search and translate them well to your client.

On a whole, venues have hundreds of enquiries a day, respect the limited time they can dedicate to you and use your time wisely to create well informed and accurate proposals. 

Our proposals include photographs, pricing, set ups and all details. If you are a venue sending us details, please send us across as much as possible so that we can make better-informed proposals to clients.


3. No Secrets


Client contacts are important and confidentiality is key in creating trustworthy business relationships. However, work with the venue in providing the best possible rates and when suitable you are able to use client names or business sectors to help them understand your client. Perhaps they have preferential rates, a neighbourly relationship or a long-standing customer relationship, and as their planner you have the responsibility to give complete transparency to both the venue and the client and information is essential for this to be created. 


4. Respect and Reasonable Practise


Every events organiser or planner wants to offer their clients the best pricing structures, deals and offers from the most popular venues but that doesn't mean that they have to haggle the venue so hard that the trust is lost.  It may take a while for an organiser to get one client to confirm but venues need to be persistent and await that one client who will be matched to them perfectly. If you don't get the booking this time but you act in a helpful, fast and knowledgeable manner the planner will come back to you straight away in the future, I will tell you now that politeness gets you far!
We are a lovely team here at Private Dining London - we work with venues in a trustworthy, friendly and understanding manner at all times. 


5. Get to know each other


If you are a venue, it is easy to shout about the facilities, room, food and service but the key to planners selling your space is for them to get to know your venue and YOU! We love nothing more than knowing your space inside out. We know the client in such a manner so why not do the same for the venues? It is like dating - we are the Tinder (other apps are available!!!) of the events world, facilitating the match between the venue and client. If you are a venue and you would like to invite Private Dining London to view and try your venue please let us know: We can include a review on here too!


6. Give Answers

You've been working closely with a venue to get the best offering for your client but they've chosen another venue this time (WAAAAAH!) It is your responsibility to tell the venue in a sufficient time and it helps if you let them know why, this will constructively help the venue to adopt new practices or to make amendments based on your feedback. If it is unchangeable factors such as the cuisine of preference, location or budget, this is also useful still - let venues know!

As events planners, we always try to give venues feedback that we receive from clients. It helps moving forwards and creates more trusting relationships. If you would like a consultation from Private Dining London about how to improve your revenue, we offer a consultancy service. Email the team for more details:



Overall, strong relationships with venues are VITAL for events planners - work with venues efficiently using initiative and respect at all times. Keep to deadlines, encourage the exchange of knowledge and work in a friendly, professional manner. 
Private Dining London encourages strong relationships between all elements of events construction. Venues, Caterers, Florists, AV suppliers, Entertainment teams, are all integral to piecing together your events so look after them. 

Are you a venue wanting to work with us? Get in touch with Private Dining London, the team who understands what it is like to work as a venue and how best to improve the relationships between venue and planner -  or call 02081085918

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