It's a Location Game for #EventProfs in London

Having met a number of new faces this last week of those #eventprofs who are interested in planning events in London for clients, boards or employees, there have been several occasions where they have told us of their next event and we ask them – have you thought carefully about that location? This leads me to explore the significance of location in considering the restaurant, venue or private dining room you are considering for your next event…

Convenience is key. Who are the customers and where are their offices? Within walking distance, one bus or one tube of this location ideally. Convenience for the client is catching one tube without crossing to the other side of London, you would hope that this is much more attractive than travelling close to an hour for an event. Why organise drinks in Kings Cross when the customers are based in Clapham? Nothing is more attractive for potential guests than an easy trip for food, drink and socialising that ends with a simple commute home to be in PJs by 11:00pm.

London isn’t as simple as you thought. Break London down, not into areas SW, W, C, SE, etc. but into tube stations or clusters of neighbouring tube stations and focus on that area. Factor in travel time, the associated trends or reputation of that area (City, Foodies, Travelling, Hipster, Tech Central, etc.) in order to consider how picking that location will reflect on the purpose or theme of your event and even your brand. Fashion brands need Oxford Circus, Kensington High Street, Bond Street or Liverpool Street for Shoreditch. If you offer financial services your areas of interest should be Bank, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, London Bridge or Canary Wharf. Let the location speak and work for you as well as the client. That being said, you cannot always offer the same types of events to guests and if you want to go outside of the expected, be confident with the idea but weigh up the pros and cons before signing the T’s & C’s. The ideal is to find a private dining room that offers something unexpected with a familiar element your clients are used to running through your event. Create your event signature and keep it consistent yet exciting.

Use your contacts. As an agency we have the best possible links and knowledge to match our clients with venues that suite their needs. We identify options, send proposals and keep on the cusp of newness and openings in London. Save your time and use our venue searching service to find your next private dining room or event space. We aim to offer this service for free where possible to alleviate paperwork, approval and extra expenditure. We can negotiate and inform on behalf of our clients whilst working with them you to style, design and add value to your next event – it’s all in the small detailing and personalisation.

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Author: Natalie Ellen Cobb Founder & Director Private Dining London

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