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As event and wedding planners, we meet all sorts of suppliers and professionals who help piece together event days for our clients. They're just like pieces of a jigsaw that fit together to bring overall success. Bought to you in a number of posts, we will be looking more intently at some of our Private Dining London supplier puzzle pieces.

Last week we worked with a wonderful Toastmaster, Jonathan Waterman, at one of your beautiful weddings and he was so brilliant in bringing the day together that we wanted to ask him about his role and how a Toastmaster can benefit your next event.

1. What is a Professional Toastmaster ?

Many people have different visions of what the role may consist of. My view is a Toastmaster, will work closely with the wedding & Events Planner and Clients in order to ensure the clients day will be perfectly executed according to the clients wishes. This means ensuring all will run to time, ensuring everything has been fine tuned and set in motion, calming nerves of the clients, taking the stress of clients, making all announcements, setting the tone according to the clients wishes, ushering guests in a calm way, meeting and greeting guests, and more.

2. Why is it important to use a Toastmaster ?

The Toastmaster will bring a special presence to the occasion according to your level of formality, will work closely with everyone on the day ensuring everyone is on the same page, make the sure the schedule is kept to time, making all necessary announcements according to your level of formality, looking after the wellbeing of the clients and guests on a personal level and being a point of contact for any problems or issues that may arise.

3. What types of Weddings and Events does a Toastmaster Cover?

The Toastmaster can cover all and everything, such as every type of Wedding with every Nationality and Religion, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Private Dinners, Private Events, Corporate Events, Gala Dinners, Topping Out Ceremonies, Award Ceremonies, Quizmaster, Presenter and lots more.

4. How much does a Toastmaster Cost ?

The Toastmasters cost vary according to the type of event, hours involved and location.

5. Why is the Toastmaster one of the most important investments ?

It is because the professionalism added experience that can make your special occasion go from very good to outstanding. The toastmaster is also your eyes and ears, and generally is the glue holding everything together, without the clients stressing needlessly. Of course, either complimenting a Wedding Planner or if you do not have a Wedding Planner, helping with that missing link between suppliers, guests and hosts.

We hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into the world of Toastmasters and if you are interested in booking Jonathan for your next event, please feel free to get in touch with Jonathan directly below or with us on 02081085918 or

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