Spotlight: Jenius Social

This week at Private Dining London we switched from dinner guest to chef and experienced the delights of Jenius Social’s cookery classes and private dining spaces. Armed with the knives, tailored ingredients and a knowledgeable Chef we become professors of basic Sushi in just two hours.

Jennifer Yong created Jenius Social three years ago after escaping the banking sector and she has a great team at the helm. Fifteen graduate Andrew Clements takes centre stage as Head Chef with his cookery knowledge and wealth of experience which includes Jamie Oliver, Marriot Hotels in Barcelona and Rick Stein in Cornwall. His excitement for food is evidential and this is emanated to all guests who step through the door to join his classes.

We’re guided step-by-step through the methodical preparation and construction of the sushi which features fresh vegetables, fish and wasabi mayonnaise. The secrets to tasty sushi rice are revealed to us and can be tailored to the individual depending on sweet and savoury tastes. We conveniently find bits of delicious rice stuck to our elbows, wrists and fingers and feel it’s always important to “try before you roll!” I must say that I’m impressed by my own achievements and my ability to create some pretty good pieces of sushi of different varieties including Hosomake, Temaki and Nigiri.

After the cookery fun in the kitchen we enjoy our creations in the events/private dining space at the front which is light, bright, and blank… but in a good way that entices film crews, photography shoots, supper clubs and private dining parties throughout the year. We recommend using the space for 30 guests maximum which will still give ample space for welcome drinks and entertainment. Daylight streams in through the glass front and makes it the perfect spot for day time events. Use some simple décor and the room will be perfectly cosy for evening dinners.

As you can see Jenius Social offers something a little different; a blank canvas for hire as a private dining room in North London with guests having less than 5 minutes to walk from Holloway Road tube station. They already have a great portfolio of clients including Sainsbury’s and Quorn Mince which shows that this events hub hasn’t gone unnoticed so far. For team building and cookery classes, their team will teach you skills in their professional kitchen that can be translated to your own home and with the help of curated notes from their team it isn’t hard to replicate the sushi techniques they preach. Book a class, transform their space to a private dining room and enjoy the culinary fun!

Jenius Social, Studio 8, The Islington Studios, 6 Hornsey Street, Islington, London, N7 8GR

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