Spotlight: The Capital Hotel

The Eaton Suite Private Dining Room at The Capital Hotel, Nathan Outlaw's Restaurant

Are you looking for a restaurant close to Harrods? Well, The Capital Hotel takes up the perfect spot for Knightsbridge lovers and locals looking for delicious food in a boutique setting. We know there are excellent dishes served at Nathan Outlaw’s well-acclaimed two Michelin starred restaurant in Cornwall and Outlaw’s at The Capital doesn’t fault on similar excellence with one Michelin star to its name. Private Dining London visit to talk boutique private dining experiences and to try the talents of Outlaw’s Seafood-focused menu.

The lovely doorman greets visitors to the hotel into a welcoming reception area. Outlaw’s restaurant can be found to the right and the private dining rooms are have their own lobby area. Both rooms are decorated in similar styles with beautiful duck egg blues and creams to give them a bright feel, similar to the décor found in the main restaurant. The Eaton Suite is full of natural light that streams in from the overview of Basil Street and is the perfect size for small groups of up to 14 guests whereas The Cadogan Suite is a little more suitable for larger groups, meetings and presentations due to the fact that it is bigger and there is no natural light. The Sitting Room private dining room can be found on the ground floor and is in a completely different style, with warming red colours and patterns. Again, this room has some lovely natural light which is a bonus and takes small groups of up to 8 guests. If you’d like to hear more about the quirky space in the neighbouring Levin Hotel, please see our review here of The Knightsbridge Metro.

When we sit down in the restaurant, Outlaw’s feels so intimate and cosy. Head Chef Andrew Sawyer steers a kitchen that provides inviting dishes that make it hard to choose what to eat! The first thing we notice is the charming window looking into the kitchen that allows guests to view the action behind the scenes, it really makes the diner feel a part of this intimate restaurant experience. The fresh flavoured breads we are served upon arrival at the table are produced by Nathan Outlaw’s father we are told and they're delicious so it’s no surprise that they like to keep it in the family! We opt for the Crab Scotch Egg and the Octopus for starters. They prove to be delicious choices and equally as vibrant on the eye, just like the main courses of Brill with Oyster and Hollandaise and Cod with Cuttlefish and Parsley. Both dishes understandably display the dish by elevating the cuts of fish above the rest of the dish and celebrate the seafood for all of its flavours. The Pear Ice Cream Sandwich is a bit chilly for this time of year but the Ginger Beer Sorbet is a winner whilst the Honey Custard Tart is ordered at the beginning of the meal and celebrates the taste of the winter with the gingerbread ice cream and indulgent custard.

We love how quaint Outlaw’s at The Capital is and just how special every guest is made to feel. The private dining rooms feel so homely and welcoming that you really do feel a part of The Capital and we can understand how their English charm is so popular by tourists and locals. Each menu is signed by Nathan himself to authenticate the experience and with the menu's style, elegance and moreish use of flavours it’s no surprise that diners continue to return again and again.

Outlaw’s at The Capital, The Capital Hotel, 22-24 Basil Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AT

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