Spotlight: Temper City

Temper City Semi-Private Dining Room

Neil Rankin opened Temper Soho in November 2015 and it comes as no surprise that we are giddy to try out his new offering in the City. Smoked charcoal, meats and spice come to the back streets of Bank and Private Dining London is there to check out the private dining room space, food and extensive gin menu!

Nestled in a new building within Angel Court, Temper City is only 3 minutes from leaving the tube at Bank Station and is the perfect location for City folk. Entering into the restaurant, the space opens up to a large, industrial-style space with a centralised open fire pit kitchen, booth seating and mezzanine floor towards the back. There’s even a small terrace area on the front for the Summer days just gone or the chilly evenings about to be upon us. It’s clear that Rankin has gone full out here to impress with his second venture.

The Mezzanine semi-private dining room is entered up a set of stairs at the back of the restaurant and through a private door. The space can take a maximum of 60 guests seated and because it isn’t completely private, we would recommend the room for dinner parties, corporate dinners and Christmas events rather than presentations or anything overly formal. Temper’s private dining space also includes a Secret Wine Room for 5 guests should your small party want to enjoy an intimate wine Dinner. Looking for a large space? Temper City takes 250 guests seated or 300 for standing receptions. The events menus are prepared in a feasting style which matches the casual setting whilst the extensive Gin Menu is specially crafted for adventurous boozing.

The food doesn’t fail to disappoint as we take up our position overlooking the kitchen to see the fresh breads in the tandoor and the hot coals burning. Neil Rankin himself serves us an extra hot Korean Haggis starter that really packs a punch and isn’t for the faint hearted while the soft-shell salt & pepper crab offers fish lovers a spicy option too. We go a bit overboard with the main courses and opt for the thali plates and some barbequed meat. The dry goat thali is spicy and strong with a good punch and the Lamb scotch bonnet & black pepper stew is rich and moreish with a think gravy to douse our buttery parathas in. We are recommended the Red Curry Smoked Duck which is served by the half. It’s delicious and lives up to the recommendation. We were so intrigued (and apprehensive we have to admit) with how the barbeque chef would deal with the Indian influences that spreads across the menu but Rankin uses this to differentiate from his Soho restaurant and brings a lively option to the City that will leave your guests full to the brim.

We’re very impressed with Temper’s relaxed offering because it injects a high-end experience to the City of London. Rankin has created a different offering to the modern European menus that over-populate the City restaurant scene. Should you wish to take a group to Temper City for a private dining event, we know it’ll deliver in ambience and a delicious menu.

Temper City, 2 Angel Court, London, EC2R 7BH.

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